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Pat Coldrick

Pat is ultimately a classical guitarist but not in the sense that you or I think classical, he has taken this genre to another level altogether. While Pat plays his own great arrangements of modern pieces such as Desperado and Classical Gas, and huge classics like Asturias and Danza Paraguaya, the love songs like A ‘Time For Us’ and Autumn Leaves, it is Pat’s own compositions that set him miles apart.

Pat Coldrick has been at number one in the classical section of Reverbnation for over six months.

Pat’s skilful and atmospheric “connection” with his audience is an art form in itself. It is like no other classical performance. His very easy going, laid back and has an unassuming approach. His story telling and interaction with his audience and his philosophy of “entertaining rather than educating” is a breath of fresh air. However, it is easy to be misled by this approach as Pat starts to play, one can see the dedication, passion, skill, his deliverance of each piece, his superb ability as a player and performer. Pat has the ability to make us laugh and equally move us to tears.  

His album "Cayendo" has been sold all over the world. He has performed and sold out theatres in Austria, France, Slovenia, and the United States. His album is played on many major Radio stations and he has done numerous Radio and TV interviews.

His composition "Lament" is a stunning piece, which was recorded at his concert in Slovenia. This piece has been deemed a classic in its own right and has been played by many all over Europe and the US including an orchestrated arrangement and performance by invitation from the RTE Concert Orchestra.

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